Friday, 18 March 2016

Pointing DNS Zone File to Amazon EC2 Server IP

Recently I have came across situation where I had to point my DNS to Amazon EC2 instance.

My Set-up:
  1. Amazon EC2 Windows Server
  2. Public IP allocation for Amazon server is Dynamic
  3. Purchased Domain name from

As our server IP is dynamic, and we want users who visit : to redirect on our Amazon EC2 windows server, we will edit "DNS Zone" file on website :
  1. Edit DNS Zone file - 
  2. Change "A" record 
  3. Set "Host" = "@" 
  4. Set "Points To" = ( IP of Amazon EC2 Instance)

Changing DNS Zone file record to point to our Amazon EC2 Instance

After some time DNS settings should apply and if you try to ping it will show you IP address of your Amazon EC2 instance

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