Sunday, 30 June 2013

Simple shell script to backup installed apk files

If you have installed necessary commands like VI editor on your android linux, you can go ahead with shell scripting. Here I have created simple linux script to backup all installed applications .apk files on to sdcard.

First of all whatever applications I installed through google play, I found them at  "/data/apps"

All installed .apk goes to /data/app

So I have written simple shell script as below to backup those apk to sdcard, nothinig Great very simple commands!!

Notice #!/system/bin/sh as .. our "sh" is located at /system/bin/



cd /data/app
mkdir /sdcard/apkbackup
cp *.apk /sdcard/apkbackup

After creating script as usual you can give permissions to script file : chmod 777

now execute script as : sh 

Thats it all your installed apk will be backed up on storage card!!

All .apk files are copied to specified location

This is just introduction to shell scripting on android linux, will post more scripts and interesting things as i explorer.

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