Tuesday, 11 June 2013

RuubikCMS 1.1.1 - Stored XSS Vulnerability

RuubikCMS 1.1.1 suffers from Stored XSS vulnerability too, when parsing user input to the 'name' parameter via POST method through '/ruubikcms/ruubikcms/cms/index.php'.
Attackers can exploit these weaknesses to execute arbitrary HTML and script code
in a user's browser session.

I have tested it on Chrome , Internet Explorer and Firefox browsers and it works Well !!

Stored XSS Vulnerable URL's                      
[vulnerable : name]
[vulnerable : name]              
[Vulnerable : name , siteroot]      
[Vulnerable : firstname , lastname]

Simple Payload:
p@yl0ad : "><script>alert('h@cK3d by eXpl0i13r')</script>

Vulnerability POC's:

Not much to explain as its very simple vulnerability...!!

EDB-ID: 25996

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