Sunday, 23 November 2014

CM Security App Lock Bypass on Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime


In Samsung galaxy grand prime, there is setting called "Ultra Power Saving Mode"
which will save your battery by utilizing minimum application on your android phones.

This option is specific to Samsung new smartphones.

If you have installed CM Security App Lock to lock your Whats-app/Facebook messages you are at Risk!

1. Samsung Phone with Ultra Power Saving Mode
2. CM Security APP lock must be installed on android device
3. Open Ultra Power Saving Mode from Settings and Enable this functionality.
4. As soon as you enable this functionality Android device will only start selected applications Ex. Browser/Call/SMS
5. There is option to add WhatsApp/Facebook App, you can add WhatsApp and thats it!, you can access private messages locked with CM Security App Lock

This is because when you put your android device in Ultra Power Saving Mode, all processes apart from selected once are closed, and CM Security App Lock process is one of them :)

Displaying Screenshot_2014-11-23-18-58-44.png

Displaying Screenshot_2014-11-23-18-59-07.png

Displaying Screenshot_2014-11-23-18-59-12.png

Access to Whats App Messages



  1. please i need to get past applock screen, grandson put one in and i have no way to get into many of my apps

  2. I would like to get out of this lock app, too.I can't open my own lock .

  3. Im trying to see if my husband is cheating on me

  4. AppLock is not at all 100% secure. Yes! you can bypass the no. 1 privacy locking software by just using the simple tricks given below. These tricks will work even if the Advanced Protection is enabled.
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