Saturday, 8 February 2014

Pineapple Mark V Standard First Boot & Start

So to start with Pineapple Mark V Standard, we need latest updated firmware.
Pineapple Mark V Ships with latest firmware and files are present on SD Card.

  1. Insert Micro SD Card (Containing Firmware Files) into Pineapples SD Card slot
  2. Plug in power cable
  3. Once device starts, green light will indicate power supply and solid blue light which indicates firmware flashing in progress.
  4. Wait for around 5 minutes, after which all other light will blink contentiously which indicates Flashing process is done and device is ready to use.

While flashing firmware first time i faced some difficulties, all lights were in solid state for more than 10 minutes after which I reset power supply and it worked as mentioned by HAC5 team in manual.

Once flashing process is done, we need to configure device which can be done by connecting Your Laptop to Ethernet port on pineapple, and browse to 

In my case at first it didn't work so manually assigned Ip to LAN Adapter and then started working fine.

First Acces

Setting up password for pineapple

Password Set 

After Login to Pineapple (Web + SSH)

And your Pineapple is ready to start !!!!
Wait...there are much more things than this....:)

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